Coffee Storage Container Airtight - Beans or Ground Canister Jar with Scoop (16oz)

€ 19.75

  • KEEPS YOUR GROUND COFFEE OR BEAN FRESH AND FULL OF FLAVOR: Coffmax opaque coffee storage vault with hermetic silicone seal PROTECTS your precious coffee from moisture, light and oxygen
    ➤ HANDY AIRTIGHT COFFEE STORAGE ➤ Convenient grip, easy to open and close sealed coffee keeper ➤ Specially suits those who want their AROMATIC COFFEE first thing in the morning and don't want to deal with locks and bags ➤ Coffmax coffee jar with spoon is suitable for small hands and easy to use



4 month ago

The stainless steel Coffmax Coffee Canister is as described on the product description page. This lightweight stainless steel is perfect for storing coffee beans. I love all aspect of coffee making from purchasing fresh organic roasted beans to the actual grinding of the beans for the perfect brew. This canister is made from stainless steel with a pop on lid which appears tight. Suggested cleaning is hand wash only so you won’t ruin the gasket seal. It does keep the fresh roasted beans airtight. The scoop is a bonus. This would make a wonderful gift for any coffee drinker.